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Shelby's Teaching:

Shelby teaches private lessons for clarinet, flute, basic piano, and beginning guitar. Her teaching goals are to provide students with the information they need to succeed on their musical path, whether it be auditioning for the All State Honor Band or preparing to perform in a recital. She also coaches group clarinet classes which help to provide beginner students key information on how to play the instrument correctly and a foundation that will help students advance as they become more experienced.

Aside from private and group classes for instruments, Shelby is a licensed Kindermusik educator. Kindermusik is a program designed to use music as an avenue to ensure children’s development such as learning social skills, self-confidence, expression, and much more. Teaching the fundamentals of music such as the steady beat can help a child in learning to walk, talk, and even help them bounce a ball or use a pair of scissors! The benefits of music are amazing, and Shelby loves the opportunity to provide a fun musical experience to all her students!

For more information regarding her teaching schedule and availability please send Shelby a message by clicking on the CONTACT page.

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